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    Art work come to life from the ideas and imagination of kids from all ages.

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    A play on the reality of our society as we currently know it.

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    Things in American Everyday Life

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sunken statue of liberty will rise again.

The Guerrilla Market

The guerrilla Market was established to showcase very talented artists, the unknown, the up and coming on a walking canvas .


What We're About

Phylth Amendment

Phylth Amendment give you the right to remain free and proud. The art displayed on our products is an expresion of our society and the overall world around us in a artistic way.

Why Kid Cartel

Kid Cartel was an idea to help promote the creative insite of kids from all ages. Kids can submite their art and have it made into a wearable art piece for all to enjoy.

submit drawings to theguerrillamarket@yahoo.com

*sign it if youd like, we'll send you a discount code for your purchasing pleasure, your art will be sent to the art department and turned into a file to be added to a shirt and sold on theguerrillamarket.com